John Wayne Gacy Jr.

How did he grow up to be a murderer?

  • Theorists consider moral behaviour to be self-regulated through mechanisms of self-evaluation where one can approve or disapprove irresponsible or inhumane behaviour
  • It clear that Gacy showed a lack of moral behaviour and hence, in the act was not able to disapprove his behaviour adequately to avoid it completely

  • Bandura (1977), states that most violent acts and inhumanities are perpetrated by people who, in other areas of their life are quite considerate in their behaviour
  • This describes Gacy’s behaviour perfectly as he was very friendly, well liked by the neighbours and was largely involved in the community; no one would assume he was capable of such casualties
  • Moreover, Gacy illustrated moral disengagement by justifying his murderous acts
  • According to Sigelman and Rider (2009), children who are raised in abusive environments can grow up to become abusers and to learn that violence is an integral part of human relationships

  • Gacy charged with committing acts of sodomy/rape, sexual abuse, and murder of teenage boys
  • Some argued that it was because of his father’s treatment of him as a child that he committed these acts
  • Some argued that it was the environment and not biological traits that allowed him to engage in criminal activities

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